I’m back and this time I’ll try to post more often. 

This week was men’s fashion week here in Paris and this is a video of me at the Lacoste party to launch their latest campaign. I think the video (if I can call it like that) looks quite cool, I feel so glad I had the opportunity to be part of this. (prepare for all the pictures I took of some runways)

Last saturday we celebrated “nuit blanche” here in Paris, which basically is a cultural event that lasts all night, from 7pm to 7am and where there are really cool events, art installations, fireworks, music and stuff all around town. I’ve heard of this from my best friend and I really wanted to live the experience at least once. I’m glad I did, and it sure was what I imagined, or maybe even better, so here I leave you some pics.

Its been a while since I first thought about opening a new tumblr, one where I could post the stuff I make, the things I live and the stuff I think. I love scrolling through thousands of posts everyday and carefully selecting and curating (this possibly sounded really cocky) the ones that I like the most and find more inspiring, and also that go with my current mood. But I also want to create my own content and stop being just one more of the millions of people that just filter the things that are already there and don’t bring anything new to the web. 
Since I moved from Mexico City to Paris last month I guess it’s a perfect moment to start. 

I hope this text sums what this tumblr is all about and I also hope at least someone finds inspiration in my posts and the greatness I love finding in other people’s posts.

♡ unjovencito